1 February 2017

January Favourites

It once again is favourites time. The first one of the month in fact. I wrote quite a few favourites post last year and this year I aim to write a few more. January was a hectic month and like a lot of people I view January as a free trial for the year with attempting to withhold new years resolutions and all that jazz. January was quite nice for me as it was my birthday and so had a splendid few weeks celebrating 21. Along the way I had a few things that I have been loving this month and wanted to share with you those favourites. 

Turning 21
How on earth could I not mention my 21st birthday in my January favourites? As you know on the 17th January I turned 21 and managed to extend birthday birthday celebrations for a whole week. Starting off with your typical night out and then ending with an intimate family 3 course private dining meal. There were lots of outfits, make up looks and laughs which I loved. I have featured a look book and get ready with me over which you can read all about in the links I shall leave below. 

Ryan Adams: 1989
I mentioned how much I loved Taylor Swift's 1989 deluxe album in a favourites a while back. It was in my yearly favourites too. I thought the album was flawless and featured some great pop anthems would manage to get me singing along every time I heard them being played. Now however I have found Ryan Adams' cover of the album which his version of each song on the standard album remixed acoustically to his sound. The sound is gentler than Taylor's but is just as magical. I absolutely love the album and think Ryan Adams has made an already amazing album into something extraordinary. If you love Taylor Swift already you must take a listen to this album on Spotify when you get chance. 

Body Combat
As you know by now I love trying new fitness classes whether they are Bollywood related or aqua related I love trying new classes. Fitness is all about variety to keep you engaged. If you only do 1 class a week this is where boredom strikes and then you not attending the classes. This month I tried Body Combat which is a class that teams martial arts, boxing and other non-contact type sports with high intensity aerobics moves to create a class that burns up to 800 calories a 60 minute session. The music is trance and is absolutely insane but well worth the 60 minutes of huffing, puffing and sweating. I feel calories burning that I didn't know I had consumed, fat burns and I know that I have worked this because I ache all over the next day. It is supposed to be really good for toning your upper body which is the place I am working on at the moment with my exercises so hopefully in the next few weeks I'll look great on my top half. 

Lottie London: Shimmer Squad
I received this palette alongside another palette from my two friends at University. They picked it out because they thought I would like the shades. From the name you would have gathered that this palette is a highlighting palette and I have to confess to being blown away by the pigmentation. This is a brand that I have always been intrigued by but never enough to purchase their products despite their beautiful packaging. The quality of these highlighters is amazing and I used over the course of my birthday celebrations and will feature a photo of the highlight just to show how shimmery this squad really is. 

Lottie London: Believe in you #SELFIE
This palette contains 3 face powders; contour, blush and highlight; eyeshadows also- both matte and shimmery. Like their highlighting cousins the shades in this palette are amazing. I love the quality of these shades. My friends know me far too well. 

Rimmel London: Lasting Perfection Concealer
I am aware that Zoe Sugg featured this concealer in a drugstore cosmetic haul this month but unlike Zoella I have not been sponsored by the brand. I also haven't just gone and brought the product in fact I purchased the product back in the Summer. The concealer claims to have high coverage and this I can confirm is correct. I currently have a spot so big on my forehead that Google Earth could find it but with this concealer I know that I can cover such redness. Unlike many other concealers in my collection this concealer comes in a pot and requires you to use your finger or a brush to apply but this is fine. I find this method sightly more hygienic for covering spots too as I can wash my brush afterwards depending on the type of zit it may or may not. The consistency is quite thick yet is easy to blend with and everyone whether they are make up novices like myself or experts will be able to blend this over any Google Earth finds on their faces in no time.

Tanya Burr Lipsticks
When Tanya Burr released her lipstick collection back in September/October time last year I was delighted because I am a huge lipstick collector and lover. I think I may have more lipsticks than I have boys after my phone number which maybe a good thing. So yeah back to lipsticks. I have three so far in my collection and am super impressed with the quality. I am quite a Burr fan and have quite a few of her products because I believe them to be extremely good products both for the price and accessibility to get hold of them. The lipsticks have amazing durability lasting on my lips all day, the red shades I have 'Wild Safari' and 'Big Kiss' are absolute winners for evenings because of their lasting powers. I wore 'Wild Safari' to the Make Up Revolution evening last October and my friend noticed how well the product had lasted on my lips which must be a sign. I would highly recommend you get hold of one of these bad boys- the quality is just superb and I love the packaging. I think Tanya is onto a winner with the packaging with the lipsticks perhaps such packaging could go into the eyeshadow palettes which I believe need redesigning in their physicality's. 

What have you been loving this month? 

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