4 February 2017

The Return of the Mack

*Disclaimer*- Today's post will not feature a tribute or a loving tribute to the track 'return of the mack' by Mark Morrison. 
Where I can I found my picks on their website, if there is no link it is due to the item being discontinued on their online stock. 

Dressing for Winter and Autumn just gone I find to be really hard because you want to remain fashionable yet warm. I have myself steering towards a trench coat or a mac in recent months for my coat. I have got a two of my favourites to show you and how you can take this staple coat on all occasions and remain classy. 

I'd be lying if I said that I wear a t-shirt, jeans and just my Macintosh during the Winter and Autumn months because I don't. Due to the material, a mac does require some layering but can create such a classy yet staple look. 

Office/Smart Macintosh
This style of trench coat is the typical colour and style for trench and being a neural colour it tends to match with most of my wardrobe. Yet I tend to wear this for more office, smart or evening occasions due to its neutral toned colour.  I've teamed this with a faux leather skirt, a skirt that I wore to death during December 2016. Faux leather is such a versatile texture that can be worn for day or evening wear but for this I've teamed it with this frilly floral blouse and this blouse to me speaks Autumn. The colour palette and styling really shout Autumn and I feel can be brought into Winter with no worries of being outdated. With my second favourite pair of winter boots this look can be taken from the office into the evening for works drinks without you feeling out of place or under dressed.

Neutral Trench Coat- Zara (Girls) £19.99
Faux Leather Skirt- New look  £22.99
Leather Block Heel Chelsea Boots- Marks and Spencer's
Bag- Ralph Lauren

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